Branding Services for an Online Business: What’s in the Package?

Branding Services for an Online Business: What’s in the Package?

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If something’s wrong in your «businesshood», if branding’s weird and it don’t look good – who you gonna call? Branding services agency!

How Does One Know They Need Services of Branding?

So, you’ve come this far without significant help from anyone else except yourself. It’s not like your business is prospering all the way but it doesn’t fall apart either. You’re making ends meet, and feel okay about it because you’re doing what you love.

Finally, comes the time when you’d be like «Oh, I’ve got to break out. I’ve got to make a leap forward, to go to a new level with my business». You know that it won’t do you any good – just keep on rolling with the old practices.

You need someone from the outside to help you out. Someone with authority and expertise to assist you in building your brand foundation strong and meaningful. It won’t be fast and it surely won’t be easy. But it’s got to be.

When this happens, it’s a pivotal moment in the development of any brand/company. Brands that go through this stage successfully, survive and go on to be a 100 times better version of themselves. Brands that don’t make the leap, stay in obscurity forever.

5 Signs That Indicate Your Online Business Requires Branding Services

5 Signs That Indicate Your Online Business Requires Brand Services

If you’ve checked on any of those, go out on the Internet and start searching for «branding agency».

Needless to say, branding are equally good for both young, fledgling businesses and businesses with a long history.

1. Your Market Share Isn’t Changing

If you’re not growing, you’re stalling. And this is what a business can’t afford itself. You’ve used up all available methods to acquire the market share that you have right now but it finally came to a point when all you do amount to nothing or even makes it worse.

There’s only so far you can go without a powerful brand behind your back. To take some of your competitors’ market share and grow further, you need to do something about the brand.

2. You’ve Run Out of Ideas on How to Beat the Competitors

You’ve Run Out of Ideas on How to Beat the Competitors

Nothing really helps other than sticking pins in the voodoo dolls that represent your competitors. If it is so, you need to stop paying attention to what they do and concentrate on building your own brand and identity.

So, put away your voodoo dolls as they won’t do you much good. Investing in yourself is what will get you out of the state of uncertainty.

3. Your Strategy Is All Over the Place

When we start something, we most likely have strong passion and courage to do whatever it takes to become successful. If our initial efforts are rewarded, we get our first customers, profits, and recognition.

However, a time comes soon when you need to make a plan for a month, a quarter, a year ahead – this is a strategy for your brand. And boy, is it a tough thing to do!

Professionals who have worked in online digital marketing would always know better and come up with advice so you shouldn’t hesitate to contact them for help.

4. Your Customers Fail to Recognize You as a Brand

Yeah, people buy stuff from you now and then. Some of them return, most – do not. But what all these people have in common is that they barely recognize you as a brand.

They come to you because you’ve got something they need and that’s it. Rarely do they think «Wow, this guy’s website is awesome! I would love to buy anything from it». Now, that’s a job that only a brand can handle.

5. People on the street aren’t stopping you for an autograph Your social media presence is barely non-existent

Your social media presence is barely non-existent

How often do you find yourself browsing some other company’s Facebook or Twitter page thinking «Wow, it’s really interesting! How come they made me sit here and go through their posts even though I know it’s a hidden form of advertising?».

Great brands a great deal of attention to social media these days. It’s simple – people spend more time in social networks that they do on their job working sometimes, which makes social networks a logical place to find your customers and build a foundation for your brand there.

Now that you’ve finally realized you do need branding services from a professional branding agency (well, you know, like Digital Branding is, for example), you would like to know what’s in there for you.  What they offer and what you will ultimately get.

Branding: List of Services

This is what you would typically get from most digital branding agencies out there, give or take.

1. Strategy and Research

1.1 Data Analysis

No branding agency will go anywhere without collecting data and stats on your business first. If they rush straight in without doing so, you know you’re working with amateurs.

The logic is fairly simple – before making any decision as per where to go, what strategy to choose and so on, you need to realize how things are at the moment.

Collecting data may include the following procedures:

  • gathering all your Google Analytics stats: traffic, on-page user behavior, campaign results
  • gathering information on your social media presence: Facebook/Twitter/ Instagram page stats (subscribers, likes, shares, reach, audience breakdown, campaign results etc.)
  • obtaining information on your competitors – you can’t know as much as you’d like to but there are ways to get a good insight into where your competitors are at and how you can leverage this information
  • collecting market data – there are things that may be beyond your influence like market trends and economic downturns; you’ve got to be aware of them and reckon with those factors

1.2 Building Branding Strategy

When all the data is in place, the branding agency usually starts pitching ideas on the branding strategy for your business – they way they see it based on the data provided and their general knowledge, expertise, and (why not) hunch. Not everything can be measured with numbers and charts.

Once you have approved your future brand strategy, it’s time to proceed to the actual steps and actions you will need to undertake during the course of implementation of that strategy.

If your business is already an established one and you do have a strategy, the branding agency might help you revise and improve it in order to refresh your already existing brand and give a fresh, healthy kick in the… you know where).

2. Style and Design

Style and Design

The services in this category can range from a simple logo design to the whole new styling approach developed from scratch.

Having a clear visual identity is crucial fro any brand because the design is what customers see first and often make judgments (arbitrary most of the time) about your brand, your company, and you in general.

Forgive people their little weaknesses and imperfections – after all, this is what makes us humans, right?

But it’s more than just a neatly designed logo. A proper stylistic approach can channel your brand’s essence and core values directly into your customers’ minds. When you see the brightly colored Coca-Coca logo written in that fancy font of theirs, you know it’s all about fun, summertime, and generally, a time well spent. But it didn’t come out of thin air – behind that was a great deal of work by marketers and branding specialists.

If your business is already established and you need to find a new, fresh look for it, most branding agencies would love to do that – find a brand-new way to you to shine.

3. Marketing Collateral

This is pretty straightforward – when your brand is up and running, all you’ve got to do is promote it. Typically, marketing collateral would include:

  • email marketing
  • infographics
  • sales presentations
  • market and industry reports
  • newsletters

4. Landing Page Design

Landing pages are a necessity when it comes to online marketing. A great landing page can make all the difference for a young business – that’s why you have one shot at making a landing page that will convince your visitors that your brand is worth their attention (and, well, money).

Most branding companies would also assist you in launching the landing page and analyzing its data.

5. Social Media Services

That would include everything from a social media marketing strategy (SMM strategy) to whatever tricks you may need to do to get your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram audience hyped about your next update.


We’ve listed some of the most common branding services available now on the market. This is what you’d expect from a branding agency when you come to them for help. Some would do more, some – less, but the core would still be there.

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