advertising services in Auckland

Advertising Services in Auckland

If your business is ready to make it big this year, then you will need some major marketing and advertising support to power up your plans and match your ambitions.
We provide advertising (PPC, AdWords) services in Auckland area, and we do it with style and expertise.

Prepare to get advertised bigtime!

Advertising Services in Auckland

For a financial, economic, and cultural center that Auckland is, it’s no wonder businesses here have a great opportunity to make it big.

That opportunity, however, comes with a steep price of having to deal with serious competition and a quite demanding audience.

To succeed, you need as much exposure as you can get, and sometimes, common methods fail to provide you with desired results.

What do you do? Turn to professionals who know their stuff and know how to reach out to your target audience without spending much.

The most popular way of advertising on the Internet is PPC (pay per click) ads. PPC ads are those “sponsored” search results you can see when searching for something on the Internet.

The “pay per click” part means that you’re charged only when someone actually clicks on your ad rather than views it. The service that handles PPC ads in Google is AdWords.

The Benefits of PPC

  • PPC is cost-effective (the cost of acquisition per lead is always lower than in outbound marketing + you pay only for the actual clicks/potential leads)
  • PPC produces immediate results (once you’ve set a campaign and launched it, you start getting traffic within hours)
  • PPC is super-targeted (you can create custom sales messages for various segments of your target audience)
  • PPC is always data-driven and measurable (you have all the information available at all times – CTR, conversion rate, ROI, traffic data, budget, etc.)
  • PPC is flexible and scalable + you always control your budget and can increase/optimize it whenever needed

PPC and AdWords Services: What’s in the Box?

  • Analysis of the current campaign + market/competitor analysis
  • Contextual advertising campaign setup (keyword research, copywriting, split testing)
  • Campaign management and data tracking
  • Remarketing ad campaigns
  • Google Display Network ads

We also provide advertising (PPC, AdWords) services with amazing results under reasonable terms in areas across New Zealand including:

ChristchurchDunedin and Wellington.

You Get More than Just Advertising

PPC ads are mere tools. The result they can produce for you is what’s really important.

  • High-quality, targeted, and motivated leads
  • Nice boost in your brand recognition on the web
  • Full control over your advertising budget

Why Choose VG for Your PPC Campaign

We offer top-quality advertising services in Auckland.

  • We always deliver guaranteed results
  • We get the most out of your budget
  • We handle your PPC campaign at all stages – from planning to post-launch management
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