branding services in Auckland

Branding Services in Auckland

You have ambitious goals for your brand in 2018. We have the right knowledge, tools, and skills to make that happen.
The branding services in Auckland area that we provide are professional, affordable, and always predictably effective.

Get your brand ready to make it big this year!

Branding Services in Auckland

Making a name for your brand in Auckland is a tough task. As New Zealand’s major economic, financial, and cultural center, it’s a city where weak businesses do not survive.

Why Branding Is Important

There are millions of companies, big and small, all around the world with almost universal access to the potential audience. Yet, people know and talk about only a handful of them. How come?

In this day and age, WHAT you do is less important than HOW you do it. Finding a unique identity is vital to modern businesses, and branding gives you that.

Realize what the core values of your business are, present them in an original, marketable way, and incorporate it all in your logo, slogan, visual design, business ethics, and products/services.

Sounds easy? Well, it isn’t, really. Companies struggle to find their own, unique identity for years but the result is always worth it.

Brands Matter

A recognizable, memorable, and respectable brand is what will guide customers in their decisions. It’s what will continue to work years and even decades to come. That’s why when you read a Forbes article that says “Apple” brand is worth $170 billion, you recognize the power of brand.

Well, we might not make your business another Apple but we can certainly help you find, occupy, and dominate your market niche.

Branding Services: What’s in the Box?

1. Strategy and research

  • Data analysis
  • Building branding strategy

2. Style and design

  • Logo design
  • Font/typeface design
  • Slogan design
  • Product design
  • Rebranding services

3. Marketing collateral

  • Email marketing
  • Newsletters
  • Infographics
  • Sales presentations

4. Landing page design

5. Social media marketing (SMM) branding services

Combining your vision and our skills, we provide branding services with amazing results under reasonable terms in areas across New Zealand including:

ChristchurchDunedin and Wellington.

You Get More than Just Branding Services

It’s not what we can do for you but what you actually get as a result.

  • Increased brand recognition across all target audiences
  • Access to the new market segments and niches
  • Boost in sales and revenue

Why Choose VG for Your Brand

We offer top-quality branding services in Auckland.

  • Always predictable, measurable, and tangible results
  • Experienced, skilled, and ambitious team
  • Data-driven approach
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